Perfil de Marcos A.

Marcos A. Designer de Marcas
7 anos de experiencia | Brasil
US$5.00 /hr .
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My name is Marcos Amirati but I go by Amirati only and I’m a junior brand designer, nice to meet you!

My journey as a designer began in 2015 with my 3-year technical training at GracomEscola de Efeitos Visuais. Aiming to go through the entire AdobeUniverse, from XD to Photoshop and After Effects, I finished my course and started my career as a Graphic Designer.

Since then, I’ve moved to the UFC to take a publicity course, and I’ve worked as an art director at some agencies here in Fortaleza. As a designer, I had a full-time position on Fernando Degrossi’s creative team remotely (the team was from São Paulo) and as my last position, I was a designer for an agencyhere in Ceará, Escandi.

I am currently part of the design team at the startup Caju Benefícios de São Pauloand I help with the visual growthof the company.I also hold the position of project director at the junior advertising agency of the FederalUniversity of Ceará, Rastro. Place where I help students and businessmen to have contact with quality design andadvertising in an accessible market.

I am proactive and curious, I liketo learn and correlate my actions to a goal.